Imam Ali’s Popular Students Relief Society

Imam Ali’s Popular Students Relief Society [IAPSRS] (Society of Students Against Poverty) is an international non-governmental organization which has followed its activities with official record of Ministry of the Interior of Islamic Republic of social Iran since 1999. After many years of social activities, IAPSRS succeeded in obtaining consultative status from the economic and social council of the United Nations in 2010, which caused remarkable broadening in the range of international efforts of this organization. in the regard, IAPSRS NGO has pursued relief programs to enhance the life situation of the children and women affected by war in the Middle East. the NGO was founded by Sharmin Meymandinejad and run by Zahra Rahimi Khameneh, the chairwoman.

Target Group
Children and women who need to be supported from a wide range of inconveniences are the target community including IDPs and refugees suffered from war and people affected by social issues stem from different kinds of poverty.

IAPSRS Members are more than 12000 volunteers that the majority of them are university students or graduates from various universities and fields who have dedicated a part of their life and time to do humanitarian works.

Finance and Expanses
All the expanses of relief activities of IAPSRS are provided by popular donors, private benefactors and micro donations by a large number of people and students.

English IAPSRS NGO Brochure