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Founder’s Prologue 


     Today, there are some 200 countries, in the world, with different traditions, religions, rites and rituals, and languages. However, I think we can divide the whole world into two countries with clear borders.
     One of these countries is the country of money and arm; country of arm producers and dealers; country of narcotics merchants; traffickers of deprived and poor girls and women; mutilators of children and dealers of their delicate and tiny body organs; country of people who have devaluated human being into an instrument to be used for testing their devices, medicines and arms on them; country of people whose interest necessitates to force the peddler children, with their pathetic appearance, to beg others at the cross roads. They want the huge resources and the wealth of this planet only for themselves and will do anything to gain them and have no intention to share it with others. They will easily destroy anyone trying to oppose them.
     The other country is the country people with no arms and weapons; disarmed people; country of innocent and beautiful children, who cannot defend themselves against hunger and sickness; country of helpless women who run away from their homes due to discrimination and/or domestic violence and go where they have no protection and the only valuable property they have is their body; county of the helpless child whose body is mutilated to be sold; country of the beggar kid, whose arm and leg are amputated and broken for no guilt for the sake of looking pathetic and begging well; the country of the questioning eyes of a kid, who has been in the snare of addiction. Yes, here is the country of armless people, country of the helpless the difference between the two countries can easily be noticed.
     The first country is overflowed with money and wealth and is floating in tranquility and abundance. Its habitants wear sumptuous garments and priceless jewelry. Various foods on their tables and sparkling of their cars blind the eyes. It is the country of comfort and ownership. They do what they wish and get what they will, but the other country owns something in need of being discovered. It needs to be extracted, and that is the jewel hidden in the oppressed look of a hungry kid; it is his beautiful smile after having a bit of a meal; the smile of a helpless person, who wins a fellow’s affection or finds a shelter. There are so many beauties in this country, but you cannot deal it for even billions of dollars. Let us add to such beauties of this planet by trying to be a remedy for their pains and let us prefer being to having.


Sharmin Maymendinejad – Founder OF IAPSRS